Monday, August 20, 2007

First Post!

I just FPd myself. ew. Don't say that outloud. So I bascially created this because I was in IRC today and someone mentioned Shoryuken. So of course I had to go look up Derek again - I haven't seen him on ICQ lately, though my Kopete hasn't been connecting to ICQ properly, and I don't really talk to anyone anyways.

So Derek, if you see this, remember when the four of us (you,me,Scott, Andrew) where playing a game at my house - I'll be damned if I can remember the name. I actually may have this day on video tape. Anyways, it was that Kings Quest type game, with FPS type combat... there was one point where you had to climb up into a cave and chat with the hermit. I said one day, I'm going to be a hermit. Not out of choice, but that's just what was going to happen.

I am such a hermit.

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